It was time for a change. The old website was looking rather dated and was created using the Netobjects 2015 Website creator tool. This was unsupported and was becoming increasingly difficult to use on Windows 10. I have a blog, which I occasionally update, which uses WordPress, the simplicity of just logging in and editing a page was much better than wrestling with the buggy editing tools of Netobjects. My existing web hosting could not support any CMS system, so I’ve upgraded to Cpanel hosting with Heart Internet and I can now use WordPress. Creating a site that runs better on mobile browsers and modern browsers was a big bonus.
Some links will be broken for a bit, I’ve had to manually migrate pages across, it is a slow work in progress.

The old website is available, for a while, here: https://ianstedman.co.uk/legacy/index.html

As on the previous site, this site details many of my projects. My web presence is now split across a few sites, there is my blog, http://www.ianstedman.wordpress.com, this site and my Github repository at https://github.com/istedman. Details of the various projects are on this site, the design files and software are hosted on Github, to encourage sharing of the designs and hopefully, someday, someone might propose an improvement to one of the designs.

Amiga related

Microcontroller projects