Ian's customised CD32

CD32 October 1993 build. Serial number unknown.

SX32 Pro expansion module with:
50 MHz 68030 CPU and 50 MHz 68882 FPU,
16 Mbyte of 60ns EDO RAM,
170 MByte IBM hard drive,
EPIC PC-Amiga keyboard adapter fitted internally,
DCE Scan-doubler/flicker fixer + heatsink
Re-wired 230w ATX PSU + internal power mods.

The system is not for sale so don't bother asking!

A few pictures

The system

My CD32 with the SX32 pro and DCE scandoubler. The fan is to cure overheating problems of the scandoubler.

Side view

A side view showing the connector for the PC keyboard. The EPIC interface circuit is inside.

Inside, showing the SX32 Pro

The little circuit board is the EPIC PC keyboard interface. The blue wires connect to a switch which allows me to
 easily enable/disable the SX32 Pro CPU and RAM.

The system stripped Naked!!!!!

The SX32 shuttle board

This is used to connect the SX32 to the CD32 and on the back provides the Parallel, Serial, Floppy and Video ports.
This picture was taken before I did a video mod.


SX32 underside.

final picture showing the rather plain underside.

The orange thing is the 2.4V NiCad battery used for the real time clock.
The red and black wires take power to the hard drive direct from the PSU input.

Updated 14 April 2021