SX32 Misc Technical info

Miscellaneous SX32 info.

Supported SIMM types

The SX32 Pro supports upto 64Mbyte of memory. It supports single or double sided, 32 or 36 bit 72 pin SIMMs, standard or EDO. Supported SIMM types must correspond to this table:

Single sided SIMM

1, 4, 16 and 64 Mbyte

Double sided SIMM

2, 8 and 32 Mbyte


Power Consumption

An SX32 Pro is a power hungry beast that will overload the standard CD32 PSU. I measured the following power consumption of my SX32 system:


+5V Power

+12V Power

Stock CD32

1.1 Amp

0.077 Amp

Stock CD32 PSU

2 Amp

0.5 Amp

CD32/SX32 Pro

2.19 amp

0.077 Amp



I now use a 230W ATX PSU to power my SX32 which can supply 23 Amps @ 5V!
An original (heavy) A500 PSU is rated at 4.5A @ 5V, which would work fine for an CD32/SX32 system, just add the correct connector. More information here.

Updated 14 April 2021