SX32 Information

What is a SX32?

It is an internal expansion for the CD32 games console that provides it with Amiga peripherals. For more info on the expnasion options, see this advert

There were 4 versions made and according to the DCE website only 2,500 units in total were made.

SX32 Mark 1

The first model. It allowed the addition of a 2.5" IDE drive, upto 8 Mbyte of memory and a 68882 FPU as well as the normal Amiga peripheral connectors
SX32 Mark 2

As afar as I know, an improved version of the SX32 Mark 1 with better memory detection logic.
SX32 Pro 030 25/40 MHz

The SX32 Pro added a 680EC30 processor at 25 or 40 MHz. There was support for upto 64mbyte of ram in 1 SIMM socket. An optional 68882 could be fitted running at the same speed as the CPU.
SX32 Pro 030 50 MHz

The top of the range model, this had a full 68030 (with MMU) compared to the EC processor. This is the model I have! :)

Information available

What information have I got to interest you?
I have taken some information from the SX32 Pro manual and information I have learnt over the years



SX32 Floppy

A few notes on using a floppy drive with the SX32


How to get the SX32 to boot from a hard drive and the buffered interface.

SX32 Pro Jumpers

How to locate and set the jumpers of the SX32 Pro.

SX32 Tech

Misc technical information on the SX32, including SIMM types.

SX32 Advert

An old advert for the SX32, showing the hardware features

SX32 install guide

Scanned SX32 install guide and user manual, PDF download.

and combined it within these pages.


Updated 14 April 2021