Par port software

 How to access the parallel port via software + demo programs.

This section is split in two, the first section details what you need to do to write your own software, the second gives Aminet Examples

 I use BASIC or Assembler, what addresses can I peek and Poke?




Data bits 0-7, bi-directional


Data direction register for above data pins. 1 = output, 0 = input


Bit 2 = Select, Bit 1 = Paper OUT, Bit 0 = Busy








Aminet Programs to Acees the Parallel Port

I have taken short descriptions of ech file from the readme files and added it here.

To search aminet for other parallel port related info, click here.

Pario.lha from aminet contains software to access the parallel port using C, it contains an example  program and is well documented.


Short:    Arexx Server to control parallel port lines V1.0
Arexx server to access the 8 datalines of the build in
parallel port  to control external hardware.


Short:    Parallelport testing Hard- and Software

This archive contents a description to built a parallelport test
adaptor and two programmes to control the bits at this port.
(Only amiga internal parallelport.)

The hardware checks the lines and indicates a dataflow over the
port(All parallelports e.g. of I/O-cards or other [non-amiga] pc's.)
With one programme you are able to set and clear all databits
and the signals Bsy, POut and Sel additional (testing the port).

The other programme is only to set and clear the databits.
This is usefull to control a connected relay-card.

In both programmes you can switch the power-led high and low
(this switches also the audio filter in most amiga models).


Short:    Iomega ZIP Parallel Interface 0.8

An experimental interface and driver for the parallel Iomega ZIP drive.


Short:    Control LCD through parallel port (V2.3)

LCDaemon is a hard/software project to connect a character-based LCD display to your parallel  port. A version for the Multifacecard 2's second parallel port is also included, as well as a version for the Multifacecard 3 and a version which emulates
a LCD screen in an Amiga window.

This is version 2.3. It features the usage of an external .library as port driver, so there is only one main executable. An enforcer hit has been removed, and LCDaemon should now be stable
when large strings are sent.

By Ian Stedman, 13th November 2001

Updated 14 April 2021