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This page contains some original designs for hardware add-ons for the Amiga. The design description, schematic diagram and PCB files are available for every design listed here in.

To encourage use of the work here, all designs are available under a license.
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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Use any design at your own risk. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the designs are safe and fit for the purpose, no responsibility can be taken.

Designs available

Retro Video Adaptor (RVA)

Information on the upcoming video adaptor for the Amiga and other great retro systems.

V2 PC floppy drive adaptor

Information on the V2 PC to Amiga floppy drive adaptor.

 24 bit I/O Port

A design using the Intel 8255 to give 24 digital I/O pins via the parallel port.

A1200 Serial Port

A Public domain design for the A1200 Clock port, which provides a 250,000 BPS serial port.

Audio Mixer

This is an active (amplified) Audio mixer for mixing CD and Amiga audio and is capable of driving a pair of small speakers or linking to another amplifier.

Audio mixer mark 2

An improved version of the original Audio mixer, it is now AC coupled, has Amiga audio cross-fading and an optional 'Better Paula' circuit.

A500/CDTV clockport adapter

An adaptor to allow the A500/CDTV/A2000 to take A1200 clockport cards. Schematic online.

Amiga ATX Power supply adapter

Now available in three variants. This allows you to use an ATX or picoPSU, power supply to power your Amiga computer.

PC Floppy drive adapter

Basic interface circuits. For those of you designing your own  gadgets, I will provide some proven interface circuits.

By Ian Stedman

Updated 14 April 2021