What is EMPIC?

It is a hardware and software project which allows you to program microcontrollers.

There are three parts:

  1. PIC programmer that plugs into the disk drive port of the Amiga.
  2. A programmer tool called EMPIC which is a MUI application that serves to program the PIC. It handles  the .hex files and downloading them to the PIC
  3. An  assembler, EMASM. It does not use the MPASM syntax but it has some useful macros predefined. The assembler is command line based but easy to use.

How complex is the circuit?

A bit tricky to construct, but it works well and it only takes 30 seconds to program a PIC on an A600.

Click here for the circuit. I do have a Stripboard layout that I used for this circuit, it is available here.

What PIC devices does it support?

The PIC 16C84 and the 16F84.

Currrent Version

The last released version was 1.3C and was released on the 4th April 1997.

Download here.

Click here for a screen grab.


It is a shareware program, the registration fee is $15 or 20 DM.


Bohdan Rau


Updated 14 April 2021