GA-5AX Problems


This is a 1999 vintage (for me) AMD K6-2/3 capable motherboard that is currently used in my workshop PC. It has a few problems, it will only run Windows 98 or ME!

Problems encountered

There is a known bug with the AMD K6-2 series when running at CPU speeds greater than 350 MHz with Windows 95, more details here DPatch/Default.asp. Ok this is not Gigabytes fault but is worth pointing out here.

The other problem is if you run Windows 2000 on this Motherboard. Windows 2000 incorrectly reads the CPU temperature, believes it to be too hot and throttles the whole system (CPU, FSB and RAM) to half its normal speed!

There is no update for Windows 2000 to fix this. I did run Windows 2000 on this board for a while and it was really slow. Winamp had trouble playing back files when it worked fine under Windows 98.

One recommendation was to configure the PC as a standard system, not the default ACPI (power manged) variant. I tried this and found no difference.

In the end I downgraded this machine to Windows 98 and it runs fine.

Be careful with SDRAM sticks, I had 1xPC100 SDRAM stick and 1xPC133 stick. This system read the SPD details from the PC133 module and configured the RAM to PC133 (faster) timing. This caused some weird lockups. To fix this I put the PC100 RAM in 2nd SDRAM socket and it all runs at PC100 timings.

This Motherboard runs Linux fine.

PC specification

AMD K6-2 400 MHz,
256 MBytes of SDRAM,
3DFX Voodoo Banshee graphics card with 16 MB of RAM,
10 GB Hard drive and CD-reader,
C-Media 8738 Audio and Opti 82C681 USB 1.1 card,
Windows 98 SE operating system ;)

Updated 14 April 2021