This section of the site contains information of a more technical nature. It is work in progress.
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PC motherboard issues

A few notes on fixing issues with old and new Gigabyte motherboards, specifically, the GA-5AX (K6-2 era) and the newer  GA-K8NF-9.

Eagle CAD usage guides and tips

Part 1
Using Eagle CAD to create PCBs for the hobbyist, practical tips and advice on using Eagle CAD.
Part 2
A concise guide to using Eagle CAD to create your first design, covering the basics of schematic creation and how to locate commonly used parts.
Part 3
A guide to making PCBs at home

EPE Magazine/Silicon Chip Webserver In a Box (WIB) modifications and information

Based upon the popular design published in the pages of EPE and SC magazines, I have made a few modifications to the hardware and software to suit my own needs. The details of which are contained here.

Retro Video Guide

This section has notes from my research from the Retro Video Adaptor (RVA) project. It details various methods of successfully connecting retro computer systems to modern LCD displays. Information on products on the market are discussed.








Updated 14 April 2021