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Updated 27th september 2009.

Microchip PIC files

Note that most ASM files work with MPASM

Timer.hexThe hex file for the game timer project, ready to download.
Timer.asmThe source code for the Game timer and hex file above.
LRflash.hex A simple PIC program to flash 8 LED's back and forth, a "Knight Rider" effect.
LRFLash.asm Source code for the above program (compile with MPASM)
PicMac.h Header file required for some of these programs.
PicReg.h as above.
AnLCD.asm An example asm file to use with my PIC project board to demonstrate the LCD. Prints Hello on the LCD display.
EMPIC Vero board layout.

PC PIC programmer + software David Tait's PIC programmer design and software for the PC, the original PC PIC programmer design, a classic. My prototyping board is compatible with this software, with an adapter.

Topic A PIC project board and software by David Tait.

Amiga related

500hacks.txt45K Various A500 hacks
68060-regulator.gif17K 68060 3.3V regulator adaptor
A1200-ccresetfix.txt 1K Describes how to fix the A1200 PCMCIA.
A1200FuncSpec.txt 48K A1200 functional specification
a2000-cpu.txt 34K A2000 cpu slot description
A2000-Zorro.txt 24K A2000 Zorro II description
a5kts1.jpg 140K A500/2000 troubleshooter card part 1
a5kts2.gif 210K A500/2000 troubleshooter card part 2
akiko-pinout.htm 66K CD32 Akiko pinout and brief description
akiko-pinout.jpg 101K A package diagram of Akiko
amega.jpg 405K How to use a PC floppy drive on the Amiga part 1
amega2.jpg 210K How to use a PC floppy drive on the Amiga part 2
AmigaCD32Developer.htm 6K Amiga CD32 developer notes (sketchy)
cd32-cdrom.htm 3K Notes on the CD32 CD-ROM mechanism
cd32-expansion.txt 6K The full CD32 expansion port info
cd32-pinouts.txt 26K All the CD32 pinouts and the old expansion port info.
cd32-system-overview.jpg 114K A system diagram of the CD32 8K An Amigaguide file on the 8520 pin functions
Clock-port-pins.txt 4K My description of the A1200 clockport pins
Clock_port-V1_3.txt 9K Updated notes on the A1200 clockport
clockport-pcb-size.gif1 16K Mechanical sizing for a clockport PCB
System Memory Map.htm 10K CD32 Memory Map
Zorro2-pins.txt 24K Reformatted doc on Zorro 2 signals

Scanned manuals
Amitek_floppy_manual.pdf1.24M User manual for the Amitek floppy drive
AmigaATXpoweradaptorinstall.pdf 609K Install guide for my ATX power adaptor
Floppy_adapter_user_manual.pdf271K User manual for the floppy drive adaptor I sell.
Apollo_1240_Manual.pdf 1.64M Scanned user manual for the Apollo 1240/1260 accelerator card for theA1200
CD32_Developer_manual.pdf6.05M Scanned developer manual for the CD32.
SX32_Manual.pdf3.59M Install/user manual for the SX32 pro.

Miscellaneous Amiga hardware hacks
The following collection of hardware hacks come from a collection from the Fairlight hacking group. I have removed the more dodgy ones and indexed the useful files below. Go to for the originals. Also note that most of these are for the A500/500+

C64 to Amiga Null modem cable schematics (in German)
Amiga to PC null modem cable schematics (in German).
14MHZ 68000into an A500 speedup hack.
Add 1MB of extra memory and a clock to an A500 with this hack
How about updating that expansion to 2 MB? (not sure about the DRAM availability).
Want to add an old 5.25 floppy to your Amiga?
Info on the Fat Agnus and a memory mod?
Want to know how to design a Genlock? Read this document.
A few simple Hardware hacks, a printer reset, a hardware reset switch, SCART lead and A501 Ram off.
An I/O expander for the A500. Adds extra serial and parallel ports. I think this is on Aminet?
An old one, aKickstart switcherfor the A500/A2000.
How about a Midi interface?
A Mouse Joystick interface for any Amiga (docs in German).
A sound sampler for All Amiga's
Amiga SCART lead pinout.
This looks interesting, a SCSI interface for the A500.



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