So what’s taking so long?


I’m sure the followers of this blog have been asking the same question.

Due to other pressures/commitments I stopped all development work for the first 5 months of 2015 and have recently resumed. There is a backlog of work and projects to finish, which is progressing.

The existing Amiga adaptors I sold have been updated, new, simpler,  ATX power adaptors are in prototype PCBs, once testing is complete, a production order will be placed. Likewise the floppy drive adaptor has been updated, the new PCB is much smaller and easy to manufacture. Have also updated the un-released V3 design to support USB/SD card floppy adaptors internally/externally and experimental HD support.

Previously the Amiga adaptors were hand made by myself. This was getting time consuming as the volume of orders was increasing, great for business but I was struggling to make enough in batches to deliver. To alleviate this, all new designs will be outsourced to UK based contract manufacturers. This leaves me more time to design and test products.

Project Hermes is progressing, I have the core of the MIA CPLD coded but not tested. The schematic took longer, due to my decision to use Designspark, which was a big mistake. After getting rather frustrated with the tool, I ditched it and went back to the familiar Eagle CAD software, which I can use. I’ve been using Mentor Graphics tools for 19 years, Eagle for 12 years and used OrCAD for a bit, Designspark was the worst I’ve used!

I’ve written the Arduino code for the GBS-8200 board to detect the incoming video and scale/de-interlace accordingly but have not tested it yet. It’s a lower priority project at the moment but one I want to return to in the future.

In my next update, I’ll show the assembled prototype PCBs of the Amiga adaptors and the complete schematics for project Hermes. Hopefully June/July time.



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