A4000 IDE delay circuit

This was posted to a Phoenix Mailing list back on the 11th April 2000,

Hi all, could somebody who is responsible upload this to aminet for me. it is a great way af fixing A4000’s that will not boot with a fast IDE CD rom, it delays it nicely no drama, I have used it heaps of times.

I have been meaning to do tis for some time.  It works brilliantly !!! Very simple, as you will see, two LOCMOS/CMOS chippies. three resistors, one diode one tantalum capacitor and one electro capacitor. Everyone, if you use it, please enjoy it, the fruits of my research.

U150 is super gary, U141 is a small 7407 chip next to the riser card slot.cheers all,  only 11hrs 30 mins to go for holidays…..yippeeee !

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There was this circuit attached.