Who am I?

By day an Electronic Engineer who designs, builds and test computer systems that fly in aircraft. By night a hobbyist experimenter and scientist.

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  1. Hey Stedy, hope all is good with you

    Could you find a moment to post a few words about the status of the Hermes project? Here or on EAB.
    I understand you’re probably swamped with projects / life but I think its good for everyone “involved” to maintain a certain level of transparency. 🙂
    People can easily wait for years but *not* knowing if what they are waiting for is actually happening – That’s the tough one, right?
    I’m sure help is available if asked for. We’ve seen some wonderful projects come to life recently. There’s still a lot of passion out there 🙂

    Many thanx

    1. There’s not much to report at the moment. Work continues when time allows. I understand the frustrations of not having regular updates, I try and be brief and only provide updates when I have something worthy of saying.

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