Amiga related

Back in the 1990’s I used to use the Commodore Amiga computer as my main system, owning various models, from the A600 up to an A1200. In 1999 I bought my first PC and the Amiga became more of a hobby/fun computer system. During that time and occasionally since then, some add-on hardware hacks have been developed by myself. This section of the website details these add-ons and other Amiga related information.

This section of the site contains various Amiga related projects, click on the link above to view additional information on the following projects:

Amiga schematics
All the schematic diagrams I have of the Amiga computer have been scanned in and are available here, also provide links to other sites with additional models.

Amiga hacks
Amiga power supply guide
Hardware modifications/hacks:
A1200 timing fixes,

A4000 IDE delay circuit
PCMCIA reset fix,
Mouse repair
A4000 IDE delay circuit
Definitive guide to making an RGB SCART video lead.

Amiga CD32/SX32 technical resource (will be restored soon)
Technical information on the CD32 and the DCE SX32 Pro
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