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This website will disappear at the end of May 2021

A migration to Wordpress is underway, I won't be taking all ~100 pages to the new format, just the ones that get some hits!
This site, since its creation back in 2002, has been created using Netobjects Fusion, through various versions. This software is no longer supported and it does not run well on 64 bit operating systems, so I've decided to move on. Generating this small update took 15 minutes as the tool is so slow now.

September 2020

Refresh complete. Issues with some PHP scripts, broken email contact page and the webshop necessitated a strip down and rebuild of the website. There may be a few teething issues in the next few weeks, will see how things unfold.

July 2020
Mostly behind the scenes updates. Updated the design of the site to show up better on mobile platforms. Added a new e-commerce solution for the sales page and fixed the broken contact page.

June 2018

Fixed some links.
Updated the sales page with current stock availability.
Added additional information to the Amiga PSU guide

July 2017

Still alive, new style for the website, somewhat cleaner.

Most projects have now been re-located to github, with details remaining on this site. This is to make it easier to share and develop projects. All links should be updated.

Occasional blog posts about my development projects are on Wordpress,

Fixed some broken links and updated the feedback page.

January 2016

Restoration of the sales section.
Updates to navigation banners, to make it somewhat easier to get around.

21st September 2015
Added three new projects:
Arduino datalogger using the VDIP1 module, pictures below
Data_logger_2-large-thumbs Data_logger_3-large-thumbsData_logger_1-large-thumbs

A low cost 0-30A current monitor
PIC10FXXX development board.


28th June 2015
Finally got around to updating the website. Trying a new look. Should show up better on Tablets/phones and modern browsers. Apologies if any links are broken.


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