Welcome to my new Webshop. It is work in progress, there may be a few glitches. All payments are currently only via Paypal.
At the moment (June 2021) dispatch of goods is only on Tuesdays and Fridays. In all instances I will send confirmation of dispatch  If you do not agree with this policy or do not wish to wait for the days I can get to the post office, do not order. Sorry to be so blunt but I have had a few complaints when it occasionally takes a few days to get to the Post Office. Any items sent outside of the UK will be labelled as commercial samples with the correct value for Customs. I have experienced long delays with items labelled as ‘gifts’. This method ensures that your goods get to you in a timely fashion.

July 2021 Update. After 13 years of selling items for the Amiga computer and due to declining sales, once the current stock has been sold, it will not be replenished. This is a decision I’ve not taken lightly. There is good stock of the ATX power supply adaptors as I purchased a batch in May 2021.

This does mean that there will be no Floppy drive adaptors made. All designs are on Github, the Floppy drive adaptors and the ATX adaptors are available.

September 2021 update


Sorry to announce this but in the last 8 weeks, around 20% of orders have not been delivered due to issues post brexit with the new customs rules. Orders to Germany and Italy have been worst affected and after a few Paypal disputes due to non-delivery (which is out of my control), I’ve stopped all orders.
Some orders have been rejected due to customs fees owed by the recipient (typically around 20-25% of purchase price) which have not been paid.

Time to cut my losses.